Danielle O'Hallisey

electronic guitar, scoring for visual media

Danielle O'Hallisey is a guitarist and composer of inspired works for modern and traditional instrumentation. She has been awarded grants from the Vermont Arts Council and  the Vermont Community Fund for the generation of new work for her neoclassical ensemble, Yellow Sky.

Danielle uses the methods of both past and present to realize her work.  The marriage of electronics and acoustic musical sound can be heard throughout her music.  "'Interrogation' is an example of a piece in which the effects-two complex reverbs set up with their controls being adjusted through audio volume and tone-are the primary instruments.  The orchestral work is in this case considered more the stimulus; like the bow to the effects' violin.

"Dauði Robins, on the other hand, features a nearly romantic harmony; nothing that Brahms wouldn't recognize.  Toward the end it is dressed up with sparkling delays however, turning the gentle piano chords into a pulsing beat." 




Her influences range from the virtuosic brilliance of jazz/fusion masters Larry Coryell, Al DiMeola, John McLaughlin and Stanley Clarke; to the serene, contemplative musings of Icelandic neoclassical composers Ólafur Arnalds and Jóhann Jóhannsson.

Danielle studied guitar and harmony with Mr. Coryell from 2014 until his death in early 2017, and was invited to perform at his memorial service.  "I was looking for an inspirational teacher, a mentor; not just someone to run me through my paces," says O'Hallisey.   "Larry performed with, taught and learned from the masters of modern music.  He is a composer of large symphonic works and intimate pieces for solo guitar; a performer of searing fusion, traditional jazz and music that frankly defies classification.  When a musician of that stature speaks, I hear what he has to say; his confidence in my abilities has been nothing short of transformative." 




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